Alaskan History Magazine has been suspended for an indeterminate length of time. With only one year of publication, Alaskan History Magazine has been too fragile to survive the catastrophic impact of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. For more information click here.

NLM AHM orders

The fastest and easiest way to order single issues, back issues, or subscriptions to Alaskan History Magazine is to follow this link to the Northern Light Media website. Northern Light Media produces the magazine, along with many outstanding books about Alaska’s history.

At the Northern Light Media site you can select from the current issue, back issues, or a one-year subscription, browse through the many books published since 2007, and read articles and excepts about the history of the Great Land, some drawn from the books and magazine, others written only for the Northern Light Media website.

Northern Light Media, like Alaskan History Magazine, is active on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, making it easy to find and share the photographs, stories, excerpts and more from these great resources for northern history.

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