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Alaskan History Magazine is active on three social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here are the links and a bit about each:

Facebook logo  Facebook 

Alaskan History Magazine has both a Group and a Page on Facebook, the largest and most popular social media site. They serve quite different functions, the Page being primarily for news, while the group is for discussion and networking.

oie_2224538PVyON0PmThe Facebook Group is for discussion and interaction about articles and features in each issue of the magazine, as well as interesting photos and posts about many aspects of Alaska’s history. Many of the articles from the magazine will be expanded upon in the group, with additional photos, links, and more. The link to the free weekly newsletter will be posted here every Monday.

oie_222570CEeEbtowThe Facebook Page is primarily administrative in nature, for news, updates, and information about the magazine, links to writer’s guidelines, research notes, answering questions, requests for help and relevant posts. Commenting and discussion is kept to a minimum on the group page.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 4.26.34 PMTwitter 

Twitter AK HisThis online news and social networking service is a fast, easy way to keep up with updates and information about Alaskan History Magazine. There’s an interesting and in-depth history of the service at Wikipedia; did you know the logo bird was named “Larry the Bird” after Larry Bird of the NBA’s Boston Celtics fame? Here is the link to Alaskan History Magazine’s Twitter page.

Instagram logo  Instagram

InstagramInstagram is a world unto itself, and it’s easy to get lost in the amazing photos which are posted continuously. The word Instagram is a portmanteau of instant camera and telegram, and that’s a good description of what you’ll find: engaging snapshots delivered like little telegrams of information! Alaskan History Magazine’s Instagram page is here.

oie_JvNBGAGaWWzsFor information about subscribing or ordering a single issue of the May-June Alaskan History Magazine, see the right sidebar or click on Ordering in the top menu. Three bimonthly issues are now available: May-June, July-August, and Sept-October, 2019.