Midsummer Update

May-June 2020 coverThe May-June issue of Alaskan History Magazine finally shipped to subscribers last week, several weeks late due to the coronavirus, but my goal was to prevent a lapse in issue numbers which might cause confusion later. Having published another magazine long before this one, I know the importance of maintaining volume and number sequences when back issues are available. (Have you ever tried to find the Traveling Wilburys second album?)

J-A 2020The May-June issue was not only late in delivery from the printer, but then it was late being delivered by the post office, which threw my schedule for the digital issue off. I’d planned on releasing the issue digitally on July 25th, but because the issues were not mailed until the 24th I have rescheduled the May-June digital edition for July 30th, and the July-August digital edition will be released on August 10th. The September-October digital issue will be uploaded on September 1st and the November-December issue November 1st. (Still with me?)

There will be some changes to the magazine beginning with the July-August issue – check out the new cover – but it will still be 48 pages, full color, ad-free, and available in print for $12.00 (postage paid) from this website, my Northern Light Media website, or Amazon. I will accept advance orders for the print edition of the July-August issue, more on that later.

Thanks for reading!


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