Website Redesign

Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 1.16.45 AMA completely different website layout for Alaskan History Magazine gives articles from each issue the entire screen rather than sharing the screen with the large sidebar on the previous rendition of the site. The menu at the top of each page now becomes the primary tool for navigating around the site’s features.

The posts are gathered under the Archives heading, and a later editing will make that easier to negotiate with dates and short descriptions of each linked post.

Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 1.18.04 AMThe About heading drops down a menu which includes the FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions; the social media links to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts; Writer’s Guidelines, the history Timeline, and the Index to the first four issues.

Under Ordering you’ll find the links to Ordering from PayPal (and with credit cards, checks, or money orders), Ordering at Amazon, Back issues, Digital issues to read online, and a downloadable full color brochure for the magazine.

I hope this new format will make everything easier to navigate and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 1.17.29 AM



2 thoughts on “Website Redesign

  1. costantink

    My name is COSTANTIN KAMARIS ,Greek nationality.Physician,Runner, sleddog enthusiastic.I live and work in Rome Italy.l am follower”ALASKAN HISTORY MAGAZINE “object:I heard from my family that my brother paternal grandfather  (surname:KAMARIS) he left Greece about the 1865-1870 to came to ALASKA as a gold researcher.Never returned, never had news during this long  long period. I ask:  It is possible to have some  information about  my relative and this story ??.Best regards  Thank you very  much…… Inviato da Tablet Samsung.en


  2. Helen Hegener Post author

    Hello Constantin, I did a quick search at and it led to a listing of about 90 people with the last name Kamaris who have lived in Alaska at some point, but not knowing his first name it is difficult to learn more. There are some excellent search engines at, and searchable newspaper obituaries are an excellent way to find people from years past. Here is the link to the names I found:×250-api-viewallrec

    I have made note of the name Kamaris and if I come across it in my Alaskan history research work I will certainly let you know.

    I hope this helps,



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